Oded Sharon, Founder and CEO.

Oded Sharon

Oded is a veteran game creator with 11 years of experience in making computer games of all shapes and sizes, and in recent years have been focusing on the creation of adventure games and on iPhone/iPad games in his previous company Corbomite Games.
Oded is also the chapter coordinator of the Israeli chapter of the IGDA (international game developers association) which runs the major game development events in Israel.
Oded holds an MBA, and a BSC in Computer Science and physics degrees

Connect with Oded on: Facebook | LinkedIn | @SoundGuy on Twitter.


Oran Bar-Tal, Founder and Producer.

Oran Bar-talOran specializes in animation with 3 years of experience in producing projects and computer games. After working in television, web and even biotechnological 3d simulations, Oran’s main passion for games brought him to Adventure Mob in hope to create a successful world class gaming company in Israel.

Oran holds a B.ed.des in visual communication degree (with honor)

Connect with Oran on: Facebook | LinkedIn

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